Jawan Movie Review: A Gripping Action Drama with a Bold Political Message

A high-octane action thriller which outlines the emotional journey of a man who is set to rectify the wrongs in the society.



Jawan Movie Review: A Gripping Action Drama with a Bold Political Message

“Khan effortlessly embodies a divine warrior, a suave army veteran, and a tender-hearted figure with a potential stepdaughter, showcasing his versatile talents in a spirited yet unbridled performance.”

“In Pursuit of Pathaan’s January Triumph: Shah Rukh Khan’s Enthralling Reign Continues in Bollywood”

“Following the resounding success of Pathaan, Shah Rukh Khan solidifies his status as Bollywood’s benevolent monarch. While his previous film adhered to established formulas, Khan’s latest venture extends its creative boundaries, offering glimpses of a distinctive cinematic vision. This film transcends regional boundaries, thanks to the influence of Tamil action maven Atlee, who imports the characteristic fervor and social consciousness of South Indian cinema. However, it also appears that Atlee struggles to maintain control over the narrative, resulting in a star-driven spectacle that hurtles forward with remarkable energy, albeit in a somewhat chaotic manner.

The film’s most coherent aspect revolves around its lead actor, who skillfully and humorously navigates through an array of roles. From his enigmatic opening line, ‘Who am I?,’ Khan entices us to ponder the connections between the bandaged hero liberating a village in the prologue, the rugged bald warrior laying siege to Mumbai’s metro, and the prison warden yearning for a second chance at love. In many ways, Jawan resembles a cinematic puzzle, with Khan himself as the enigmatic centerpiece. It provides Khan with an exceptional platform to portray a wide spectrum of characters, including a formidable hero, a dapper army veteran, and a compassionate figure with a potential stepdaughter. While ego undoubtedly plays a part, Khan’s ability to don such diverse roles with unparalleled flair sets him apart as one of cinema’s most versatile stars.”

The film’s moving parts are not as smooth as Khan’s performance. The plot is a whirlwind of good, bad, and borrowed ideas, suggesting that the project would have benefited from more script editors. Director Atlee keeps the pace frantic, but he has to, or else we would have time to think about how preposterous the plot is.

Once the hero’s origin is revealed, we are left scratching our heads. How can a movie that features the lamest Matrix and Christopher Nolan references also have a thrilling stretch of highway carnage that is as good as anything Hollywood can produce? Jawan will not be as enduring as Pathaan in Khan’s filmography, but it is a semi-fascinating display of star power and a rollicking (if bumpy) Friday night ride.

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Country: India

Director: Atlee

Writter: Sumit Arora, Atlee, Ramanagirivasan

Actors: Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, Sunil Grover

Duration: 2h 49m