A pilot finds himself caught in a war zone after he's forced to land his commercial aircraft during a terrible storm.



Plane movie review (2023)

Director Jean-François Richet’s latest film may not boast a groundbreaking plot, yet its skillful execution transforms it into a riveting action-thriller. Despite its unremarkable premise, Richet manages to orchestrate a captivating cinematic experience, brimming with all the essential elements of a gripping edge-of-the-seat drama.

The story revolves around an eclectic group of passengers, each with their own demeanor — from dubious to cheerful — and includes the formidable figure of Louis Gaspare (played by Mike Colter), an accused murderer in FBI custody. The tension escalates as this motley crew boards Trailblazer’s flight just before New Year’s Eve. Ignoring Gaspare’s caution, pilot Captain Brodie Torrance (portrayed by Gerard Butler) is coerced into charting a stormy route to conserve fuel and time. A lightning strike cripples the plane, causing it to lose a wing, forcing Torrance to make a daring emergency landing on the desolate Philippine island of Jolo.

As the plane crash-lands, communication is lost, supplies are scarce, and the presence of a dangerous murderer complicates matters. However, the real challenges are just beginning for Torrance. The narrative takes an unexpected turn as it veers away from a conventional survival story, opting instead for the intrusion of militias and rebels who take both passengers and crew hostage. Torrance, now in a leadership role, must navigate this perilous situation, and his only ally turns out to be the enigmatic Gaspare.

While the unfolding events may be predictable and straightforward — Torrance showcasing his heroics, Gaspare’s involvement, and so forth — it’s Jean-François Richet’s adept direction, coupled with Brendan Galvin’s masterful cinematography, that elevate the film. Charles Cummings’ somewhat lackluster story is compensated by a sharp screenplay (co-written with JP Davis) that maintains a gripping pace throughout.

One of the film’s standout moments is the turbulence scene, impeccably captured as the plane battles through thunder and lightning. The intense hand-to-hand combat between Butler and Colter, as well as their adrenaline-pumping clashes with the rebel forces, are a treat for action aficionados. The performances are commendable all around, with Yoson An as co-pilot Dele and Daniella Pineda as the flight attendant adding depth to the ensemble.

In essence, ‘Plane’ is a classic action entertainer, offering a refreshing respite from the deluge of superhero and sci-fi fare. By embracing it for what it is — an unadulterated action film without the burden of anticipating mind-bending plot twists — one can overlook the somewhat formulaic premise and immerse themselves in an enjoyable cinematic ride.

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Country: USA

Genre: ,

Director: Jean-François Richet

Writter: Charles Cumming, J.P. Davis

Actors: Gerard Butler, Mike Colter, Tony Goldwyn

Duration: 1h 47m