7:11 PM

The struggle of Ravi, an IPS aspirant who has to travel beyond imagination through time to stop a criminal mastermind, save his loved ones and his beloved town.



7:11 PM movie review (2023)

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Directed by Chaitu Madala, the film “7:11 PM” ambitiously intertwines elements of science fiction, romance, and a financial scandal, all set in the quaint town of Hamsaladeevi, Andhra Pradesh, during the year 1999. Despite the filmmakers’ grand aspirations and their bold endeavor, the movie only partially accomplishes its goals. While it successfully captures the picturesque essence of its locations, it falls short of delivering a truly immersive and engaging cinematic experience. The film’s screenplay, unfortunately, suffers from certain shortcomings and is marred by pacing issues.

Despite working within limited resources, the production manages to make a positive impression, primarily due to its meticulous attention to production design. This attention to detail elevates the film’s overall quality and lends a touch of grandeur to the narrative. Notably, the film effectively contrasts the rustic charm of Hamsaladeevi with the urban allure of Melbourne, a significant backdrop for the unfolding story. However, the gradual unfolding of events consumes a substantial amount of screen time, which ultimately hampers the film’s overall impact.

Saahas Pagadala shines in his role as Ravi Prasad, an aspirational IPS officer, providing a commendable performance that becomes an anchor for the film. His sincerity and dedication to the character are evident throughout the narrative. Deepika Reddy, portraying Vimala, contributes decently to the storyline, offering good support. Tess Walsh, cast as Sarah, delivers an excellent performance that seamlessly complements the rest of the cast. Louie Athanasiou, Bharat Reddy, Raghu Karumanchi, Rising Raju, Charan Kurugonda, Bharat Reddy, Naveen Prathipati, and the rest of the ensemble cast aptly fulfill their respective roles.

7:11 PM-cinemabaaz.xyz

From a technical standpoint, the film is visually impressive, boasting aesthetically pleasing visuals. Cinematographers Siva Shankar Varman and Fabio Capodivento skillfully capture the essence of both local and foreign locations, treating the audience to a visual feast. The film’s music, composed by Gyaani, while acceptable, unfortunately, fails to make a lasting impact. The editing, which is solid in the first half of the film, stumbles in the latter half, leading to disruptions in the overall flow of the story.

All in all, “7:11 PM” presents an intriguing premise but falters in its execution. Approaching the film with measured expectations is advisable, as it possesses potential worth recognizing while also acknowledging its inherent shortcomings.

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7:11 PM-cinemabaaz.xyz

Country: India

Director: Chaitu Madala

Writter: Chaitu Madala, Hemant k Bhatnagar

Actors: Saahas, Tess Walsh, Deepika

Duration: 2h 22m