Mumbaikar: A Promising Journey with Missed Stops

The story is based on the life of people at Mumbai which includes their happiness, drama, fun, and romance which interlink their lives.



Mumbaikar movie review (2023)

In the bustling urban landscape of Mumbai, the film ‘Mumbaikar’ sets out on a dynamic journey, teeming with diverse characters that paint a vivid tapestry of the city’s life. With an ambitious premise and a mosaic of personalities, the film aspires to deliver an exhilarating experience, yet it falters in some regards. While it boasts an intriguing array of characters, each as distinct as chalk and cheese, it grapples with an inconsistent script that only skims the surface of its potential.

At its core, ‘Mumbaikar’ showcases the pulse of Mumbai through a multitude of lenses. Its characters represent a cross-section of society, reflecting the myriad shades of this bustling metropolis. Unfortunately, the film’s script rarely delves deep enough, leaving many narrative threads hanging, and characters underdeveloped. A missed opportunity is particularly evident with the characters portrayed by the talented Vijay Sethupathi and Ranvir Shorey, who deserved more screen time and a richer backstory. Ranvir’s character is merely brushed upon, leaving the audience yearning for a deeper understanding.

‘Mumbaikar’ weaves metaphors into its fabric, like RK Laxman’s common man doppelganger navigating the scenes or a horse silently symbolizing the significance of mundane tasks. The climax itself unfolds a subtle metaphor as characters remain nameless to each other, a poignant commentary on urban detachment. These metaphors add a layer of intrigue to the film, making it an enigmatic watch.

Director Santosh Sivan, known for his distinct style, ventures into new territory with ‘Mumbaikar’. While his direction demonstrates brilliance in moments, the film suffers from inconsistency, leading to a lack of cohesion. Multiple storylines run in parallel, intersecting toward a climactic moment. Vikrant Massey’s character, a deliberate job avoider, harbors affection for Ishita (Tanya Maniktala), a BPO manager. Their strained relationship due to his temper forms a significant arc. Meanwhile, Munnu (Vijay Sethupathi) arrives from Andaman, entering the world of crime. Aadil (Hridhu Haroon), an outsider, seeks an honest living, while Prabal Kant Patil aka PKP (Ranvir Shorey) controls Mumbai’s illicit activities. The collision of these destinies sets the stage.

Sivan experiments with a single-day narrative, deviating from his usual style. The attempt, though not flawless, captures attention. Gangster scenes carry a comical touch, and Sethupathi’s effortless portrayal of Munnu shines with impeccable timing. Yet, other tracks, like Massey-Maniktala-Khedekar and Mishra’s, lack depth. Despite these shortcomings, Sivan’s distinct narrative approach and the humor in gangster sequences keep ‘Mumbaikar’ intriguing.

Vijay Sethupathi’s Hindi debut dazzles with his versatility as Munnu. Ranvir Shorey, though limited, impresses. Massey, Maniktala, and Mishra deliver adequately, but Hridhu Haroon’s Aadil stands out, offering a promising debut. Amid high expectations, ‘Mumbaikar’ falls short, yet Sethupathi’s brilliance uplifts it. The journey, though not as fulfilling as hoped, remains a noteworthy cinematic ride.

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Country: India

Genre: , ,

Director: Santosh Sivan

Writter: Himanshu Singh, Aradhana Sah, Lokesh Kanagaraj

Actors: Vikrant Massey, Vijay Sethupathi, Tanya Maniktala

Duration: 2h 2m