A food delivery guy, finds himself captivated by Subbu's (Dushara) charm. However, their lives take a tumultuous turn when a series of unexpected events unfold, plunging them into a chaotic world



Aneethi  movie review (2023)

Vasantha Balan, renowned for his emotionally charged films, has unveiled a masterfully crafted and impactful thriller with “Aneethi,” leaving an indelible mark on multiple fronts. While commencing as a seemingly conventional love story, centered around a protagonist grappling with a medical condition, the narrative swiftly transforms into a gripping emotional saga laced with a skillfully constructed conflict.

The story introduces us to Thiru (Arjun Das), a delivery person dealing with chronic obsessive-compulsive disorder, which triggers a compelling “killing instinct” when faced with mistreatment. His path crosses with Subbu (Dushara Vijayan), a housekeeper in an opulent city mansion owned by an obstinate yet fierce elderly woman. Seeking solace in their encounters, Thiru frequently delivers food to Subbu, and their connection blossoms into a profound love. However, turbulence erupts when the elderly woman dies under perplexing circumstances.

Subbu and Thiru become embroiled in the ensuing dilemma, a situation that escalates upon the arrival of the old woman’s family. The central question remains: Can they navigate this ordeal or fall prey to merciless forces?

One of the film’s most captivating attributes is its premise and execution. The concept feels refreshingly original, with events unfolding organically and grounded in realism. Vasanthabalan strategically engineers a pivotal conflict in the second half, involving the entire cast, propelling the film to a heightened level of intensity. Unlike many films that feature protagonists with medical conditions, Aneethi backs its premise with a coherent backstory. The flashback sequences in the second half are effective, setting the stage for the climactic sequences.

Vasanthabalan’s narrative prowess shines as the plot evolves. He subjects his protagonist to a series of trials that naturally evoke his latent killer instinct. The challenges Thiru confronts are credible and evoke genuine empathy from the audience. The emotional thriller also boasts subtle yet impactful twists that enhance its allure.

The ensemble cast is another commendable aspect of the film. Each actor seamlessly aligns with the director’s vision, delivering performances brimming with sincerity. Notably, Dushara Vijayan and Arjun Das, the lead actors, deliver stellar portrayals. Arjun deftly embodies a range of emotions, captivation viewers throughout. Dushara’s portrayal of a complex character underscores her commitment to realism and timelessness. Her remarkable performance during the police station sequence, where Arjun Das faces harassment, stands out.

Supporting actors, including Vanitha Vijayakumar and Kaali Venkat, contribute significantly to the film’s success. GV Prakash’s background score and music augment the viewing experience. While a couple of sequences deviate from the central narrative, the overall effectiveness of the writing compensates for these minor hiccups.

In summation, “Aneethi” signifies Vasanthabalan’s triumphant return. The film stands as a testament to his storytelling prowess, delivering a captivating, emotionally charged thriller.

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Country: India

Genre: , ,

Director: Vasanthabalan

Writter: Vasanthabalan, S.K. Jeeva

Actors: Bharani, Suresh Chakravarthi, Arjun Chidambaram

Duration: 2h 23m