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When a group of friends discover how to conjure spirits using an embalmed hand, they become hooked on the new thrill, until one of them goes too far and unleashes terrifying supernatural forces.



Talk To Me movie review(2023)

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Mia (played by Sophie Wilde), Jade (portrayed by Alexandra Jensen), and Jade’s younger brother Riley (acted by Joe Bird) are about to learn a perilous lesson: dabbling with the supernatural can have dire consequences. Their ill-advised exploration of a ceramic hand, rumored to have belonged to a potent psychic, sets off a chain of events that proves to be far more ominous than they could have imagined. Struggling with the recent loss of her mother and feeling disconnected from her father, Mia becomes disturbingly intrigued by the idea of possession, akin to a dangerous dependency. As her obsession with the enigmatic hand intensifies, it jeopardizes not only her well-being but also that of her friends.

Director siblings Danny and Michael Philippou astutely interweave psychic elements with the psychedelic, a narrative choice that adds a fresh layer to the horror sub-genre. Co-written by Danny Philippou and Bill Hinzman, the film leverages familiar possession themes while injecting innovative vitality. The story resonates particularly well with the youthful characters, portrayed by budding talents who convincingly portray a series of ill-fated decisions. Each cast member comprehends their role, contributing significantly to a group that remains oblivious to the gravity of their actions. Sophie Wilde masterfully delves into Mia’s emotional turmoil, a critical anchor for the narrative. Likewise, Joe Bird’s portrayal of Riley, a young boy coming into his own, is both relatable and empathetic. Miranda Otto’s performance as Jade’s mother showcases her acting prowess, as she strives to outmaneuver the teenagers caught in a treacherous web.

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The film’s pacing maintains a palpable tension, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats for much of the runtime. While the third act does experience a slight lull in comparison to its predecessors, the Philippou brothers adeptly compensate by employing psychological tactics over cheap jump scares. Their strategic use of emotions like guilt, grief, loneliness, and despair generates a truly unsettling atmosphere. It’s worth noting that the film does include moments of graphic gore, adding a visceral element that might deter those seeking a more restrained brand of horror. Nevertheless, ‘Talk to Me’ possesses the essential components to potentially attain cult status, boasting a mix of ingredients that could propel it toward becoming a future cult classic.


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Country: USA

Genre: ,

Director: Danny Philippou, Michael Philippou

Writter: Danny Philippou, Bill Hinzman, Daley Pearson

Actors: Ari McCarthy, Hamish Phillips, Kit Erhart-Bruce

Duration: 1h 35m