Pizza 3: The Mummy

The protagonist on a probe to solve a series of murders that take place exactly where he delivers food.



Pizza 3: The Mummy movie review (2023)

Pizza 3: The

The third installment of the Pizza franchise adheres to the classic Horror genre formula, featuring a vengeful ghost on a quest for retribution against those accountable for its demise. While the movie remains faithful to its genre roots with skillfully executed jump-scares and intriguing elements of mystery, it falters due to a significant shift in tone during its latter half, transitioning into an emotional drama.

The narrative commences by introducing a man who introduces an enigmatic Mummy doll to his family. This eerie artifact eventually finds its way to a restaurant owned by Nalan (played by Ashwin Kakumanu). Already grappling with pressure from his girlfriend Kayal’s (Pavithrah) brother, Nalan becomes embroiled in supernatural events when an inexplicable delicacy materializes in his kitchen each night. Simultaneously, the demise of a prominent figure under mystifying circumstances implicates Nalan.

As the story unfolds, it becomes evident that a supernatural entity is responsible for the eerie occurrences in Nalan’s restaurant. The crux of the narrative revolves around uncovering the identity of this spirit and understanding its connection to Nalan.

Mohan Govind initiates the film with a captivating premise, establishing a restaurant as the focal point of supernatural disturbances. Nalan, the protagonist, finds himself baffled by the appearance of the unexplained dish and the intrigue successfully piques the audience’s curiosity. The well-executed jump-scares in the first half contribute to the film’s suspense, aided by proficient technical execution.

However, the story encounters turbulence when delving into the ghost’s backstory. Although the writer’s intention to infuse emotion and depth into the narrative is commendable, the transition ultimately dilutes the established horror experience. The plot loses its grip on the audience’s engagement and devolves into a conventional revenge tale, devoid of the intricate twists that characterized the franchise’s previous installments.

Pizza 3: The
Ashwin Kakumanu, Pavithra Marimuthu in Pizza 3 The Mummy Movie Stills HD

Ashwin Kakumanu’s portrayal of Nalan effectively conveys his fear and bewilderment. Pavithrah Marimuthu delivers a compelling performance as the character attempting to establish communication with the ghost. Regrettably, secondary characters have limited opportunities to showcase their talents, with Anupama Kumar and Abi Nakshatra shining primarily in the latter half. Director-actor Gaurav Narayanan’s role as Pavithrah’s brother is well-executed.The film’s technical facets deserve commendation, particularly the synergy between cinematography, music, and sound effects. These elements seamlessly meld to enhance the overall viewing experience. In summation, Pizza 3 serves as a respectable addition to the franchise, warranting consideration for a single viewing.

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izza 3: The

Country: india

Genre: , ,

Director: Mohan Govind

Writter: Mohan Govind

Actors: Kavitha Bharathi, Raveena Daha, Ashwin Kakumanu

Duration: 2h 3m