BRO – A Missed Opportunity for a Heart-Warming Tale

A tale about two siblings who revive their relationship after years of estrangement.



BRO movie review (2023)

In his directorial venture, BRO, Samuthirakani attempts to recreate the magic of his Tamil film, Vinodhaya Sitham.The film’s central theme, centered around the value of time and one’s control over life, holds great promise. However, the execution falls short as it becomes overly laden with references to Pawan Kalyan‘s political ideologies, hit songs, and unnecessary commercial elements, overshadowing the emotional core.

The story revolves around Markandeya, affectionately known as Mark, portrayed by Sai Tej, who despite his young age, assumes the role of the head of the family, acting as a father figure to his siblings.

After a life-changing accident, Mark is given a second chance by Titan, played by Pawan Kalyan, who gifts him 90 days to ensure his family’s well-being before his eventual passing. However, the film fails to explore whether Mark’s family truly needed his sacrifices.

BRO has the potential to be a heart-warming and thought-provoking film that questions the control individuals have over their lives and the impact their actions have on others. Sadly, Samuthirakani’s decision to over-commercialize the narrative with unnecessary duets, special numbers, and references to Pawan Kalyan’s career dilutes the emotional depth of the story.

While the on-screen chemistry between Pawan Kalyan and Sai Tej is comfortable, it falls short of delivering the emotional intensity demanded by the plot. Pawan’s charisma shines in moments like Emi Sodara and Vayyari Bhama, while Sai Tej excels in comedic and action sequences, struggling to convey emotions effectively.

The female characters, played by Rohini, Priya Varrier, and Ketika Sharma, possess refreshing moments of strength but are unfortunately confined to being weepy on-screen. Brahmanandam’s cameo is underutilized, leaving the audience wanting more.

Thaman’s songs are lackluster, but his background score enhances crucial scenes effectively. However, the film suffers due to subpar VFX and costume design, which diminish the overall cinematic experience.

BRO misses the opportunity to present a poignant tale of a man forced to mature too quickly, losing sight of enjoying life to the fullest. Instead, it becomes a film that gradually loses momentum, obscuring its intended message amidst the chaotic elements. Ultimately, BRO stands as a missed opportunity to deliver a more impactful and meaningful cinematic experience.


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Country: india

Genre: , ,

Director: Samuthirakani

Writter: Trivikram Srinivas

Actors: Pawan Kalyan, Samuthirakani, Rohini

Duration: 2h 14m