Detective Conan Ai Haibara’s Story: Jet-Black Mystery Train

The movie will focus on Ai Haibara's past and will reconstruct the Mystery Train arc from the television anime.



Detective Conan Ai Haibara’s Story: Jet-Black Mystery Train Movie Review (2023)

Detective Conan: Episode of Ai Haibara ~ Black Iron Mystery

Detective Conan: The Enigma of Ai Haibara – Shadows of the Black Iron” is a compilation film that artfully weaves together snippets from various anime episodes to delve into the enigmatic backstory of Ai Haibara. While this movie serves as an ideal entry point for newcomers to the series, dedicated followers of the plot might find it somewhat less enthralling. The film prominently showcases the impactful encounter between Detective Conan and Ai Haibara, as well as delves into the intriguing initial storyline of the Jet-Black Mystery Train – a narrative arc borrowed from the Detective Conan series.

For the uninitiated, Detective Conan, also known as Shinichi Kudo, is a high school prodigy renowned for his crime-solving acumen. Following an encounter with the nefarious Black Organization and subsequent poisoning, he undergoes a transformation that confines his intellect to a child’s body. This movie centers on the enigmatic Ai Haibara, once known as Shoho Miyano, a former operative within the enigmatic Black Organization, known by her code name Sherry. She is responsible for the creation of the drug that precipitated Shinichi Kudo’s childlike state. Upon unearthing her organization’s hand in her sister Akemi’s demise, Ai Haibara assumes a new identity, fueled by a desire for vengeance, and a desperate act to evade the Organization’s clutches.

The narrative unfurls aboard the Bell Tree Express during its annual journey, inviting passengers to partake in an exhilarating mystery-solving game. Unbeknownst to Ai Haibara, the train’s proprietor harbors an obsession with the inscrutable Black Organization. Soon, a series of murders grip the train, compelling Ai Haibara to confront the perilous reality that her life is now in jeopardy. The tension escalates as the story takes unforeseen twists during this captivating train voyage.

Detective Conan: Episode of Ai Haibara ~ Black Iron Mystery

Regrettably, the film somewhat falls short of its potential, presenting a plot that, while not entirely devoid of intrigue, lacks the riveting essence one anticipates from a mystery thriller. Despite boasting the presence of two formidable characters in Ai Haibara and Detective Conan, the film misses an opportunity to fully explore their captivating dynamic. It places a predominant emphasis on excavating Ai Haibara’s past, drawing heavily from the television anime’s Mystery Train arc. While the movie introduces novel scenes not found within the original anime series, it ultimately falls shy of delivering the spellbinding cinematic experience it could have achieved.

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Detective Conan: Episode of Ai Haibara ~ Black Iron Mystery

Country: Japan

Actors: Megumi Hayashibara, Yukitoshi Hori, Ken'ichi Ogata

Duration: 1h 30m