Revolves around one stormy night, in an isolated villa a top a secluded hill.



ONE FRIDAY NIGHT movie review (2023)

One Friday

In a mere 90-minute runtime, One Friday Night fails to hold the audience’s attention, leaving them longing for its conclusion. The film suffers from a lackluster plot and fails to deliver any redeeming qualities. While the initial premise shows promise, the execution falls flat, disconnecting viewers from the unfolding events. Despite the director’s commendable attempt to avoid melodrama and clichés, the absence of riveting and dramatic moments hampers the movie’s impact.

The narrative revolves around Ram Varma (Milind Soman), a high-ranking executive engaged in an affair with a dancer named Nirosha (Vidhi Chitalia). Ram takes Nirosha to his secluded villa under the guise of a trip to Nagpur. However, a sudden accident leaves Ram unconscious, thrusting Nirosha into a dilemma. In desperation, she contacts Ram’s wife, Lata (Raveena Tandon), a gynecologist, who rushes to provide aid. The villa becomes a battleground for the wife and the lover, each defending their position. After Lata departs, considering a mutual divorce, an unexpected twist reshapes the course of events.

One Friday

Although the continuous heavy rainfall offers an ideal setting for an intense drama, the film fails to capitalize on this atmosphere. Despite the right ingredients, the movie struggles to create genuine suspense. Furthermore, the absence of Raveena Tandon’s voice raises questions. A significant portion of screen time is wasted on Nirosha’s aimless movement between the accident site and the house during Milind Soman’s character’s mishap, adding no meaningful impact. The isolated villa and rainy night could have been integral to the narrative, but sadly, they remain distant from the plot, failing to merge seamlessly.

Raveena Tandon’s portrayal of Lata is praiseworthy, characterized by a sincere performance, while Milind Soman’s acting is acceptable. On the other hand, Vidhi Chitalia, despite a potent role as Nirosha, falls short of fully embodying the character’s complexity, leaving untapped potential. Regrettably, the brilliance evident in Manish Gupta’s previous works, such as Rahasya and Section 375, appears absent from this latest endeavor. Ultimately, One Friday Night proves to be a lackluster viewing experience.

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One Friday

Country: india

Genre: ,

Director: Manish Gupta

Writter: Kamal Chopra, Manish Gupta, Ramesh Rabindranath

Actors: Raveena Tandon, Vidhi Chitalia, Hemant K Gaur, Ambrish Saxena

Duration: 1h 32m