Unish 20 : Shuvoo and Bindu’s pairing hits the right notes

Apu, a guy who doesn't take any relationship seriously meets a girl named Sheela who has a complete different opinion about life. However, Apu & Sheela become friend and life takes a turn.



Unish 20 movie review (2023)

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Mizanur Rahman Aryan’s directorial web-film, “Unish 20,” made a heartwarming debut on the auspicious occasion of Pohela Fagun (February 13) via Chorki, captivating fans with its themes of love and separation. The film’s narrative, which revolved around these emotional aspects, sparked extensive discussions on social media, with particular focus on the much-anticipated reunion of Arifin Shuvoo and Afsan Ara Bindu.

After a hiatus of 13 years, the duo gracefully shared the screen as Apu and Shila, leaving an indelible impact on the audience. Their chemistry effortlessly drew viewers into the storyline, and their portrayals became synonymous with the characters themselves.

Arifin Shuvoo, recognized for his action-packed roles, took a delightful detour in “Unish 20” by embodying a cheerful romantic character. The contrast between his previous action hero image, such as seen in “Black War,” and his portrayal of the lively Apu added to the charm of the film. The scenes that lingered in memory include Apu’s belated return on Shila’s birthday and the poignant moment of signing divorce papers.

Shuvoo’s performance as Apu truly surprised fans, showcasing his versatility and dedication to the role, even undertaking the task of mastering poem recitations for authenticity.

In parallel, Afsan Ara Bindu marked her triumphant return to the film industry through “Unish 20” after a 13-year hiatus. Her portrayal of Shila affirmed her growth as an actress, showcasing a refined skill set that had matured during her absence.

Secondary roles in the film were skillfully brought to life by Tania Ahmed, Hasan Masood, and a guest appearance by Intekhab Dinar, adding depth to the narrative tapestry.

Unish 20-cinemabaaz.xyz

Mizanur Rahman Aryan‘s directorial prowess shone through, with meticulous attention to costume and location choices. However, it’s worth noting that a more nuanced focus on screenplay and dialogue could have elevated the film’s overall impact.

For enthusiasts yearning to immerse themselves in Shuvoo and Bindu’s tale of love and separation, a Chorki subscription is the passport to experiencing the emotive journey of “Unish 20.”


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Unish 20-cinemabaaz.xyz

Country: Bangladesh, India

Genre: ,

Director: Mizanur Rahman Aryan

Writter: Rajib Hasan

Actors: Afsana Ara Bindu, Arifin Shuvo