DD Returns – A Hilarious Horror Comedy Done Right!

The protagonist and his friends hides a bag full of money and jewels in a haunted bungalow to ditch the police. When he goes to retrieve the bag, a ghost makes him play a survival game in order to leave with the bag.


DD Returns movie review (2023)


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Hey, movie lovers! Today, I’m thrilled to talk about a refreshing horror comedy that’s hitting all the right notes in the genre – DD Returns. Unlike some recent failed attempts at horror comedies, this film manages to stand out with its tight writing and engaging screenplay, keeping us laughing throughout the crazy comic caper.

The movie starts with an intense scene, introducing us to a deadly game called ‘win or run,’ where contestants face brutal consequences upon failure. But things take a twist when the family organizing this lethal event gets killed by angry villagers, leaving their ghosts to haunt a vintage French palace. As the story unfolds, we meet Sathish (played by Santhanam), an event manager determined to rescue his girlfriend (Surbhi) from a predicament. He stumbles upon a large sum of money that seems to solve the issue, only to discover later that it was stolen from a feared businessman.

The plot thickens when Sathish ends up in the haunted palace, where he and his team are coerced into playing a dangerous game by vengeful spirits. Now, the big question is, can Sathish and his girlfriend survive this perilous game and escape the clutches of the ghosts?

What sets DD Returns apart from other failed attempts in this genre is its well-staged sequences that deliver laughs with just the right amount of craziness. The film cleverly avoids the cringe factor often associated with horror comedies, making it an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Director Prem Anand deserves credit for turning the initial chaotic setup into a fun-filled adventure that keeps us entertained throughout. The second half of the film takes off at full throttle, with all central characters actively participating in the game ‘Win or Run.’ Each round presents a different task, providing the perfect setting for hilarious gags that leave the audience in stitches. Moreover, the film includes trendy references, such as Squid Game, YouTube videos, and more, adding to its contemporary appeal.

DD Returns-cinemabaaz.xyz

Santhanam leads an excellent ensemble cast and delivers a standout performance with his perfectly timed one-liners. He effortlessly scores some subtle heroic moments as well. The rest of the cast, including Surbhi, Redin Kingsley, Pradeep Rawat, Munishkanth, and Motta Rajendran, have played their parts to perfection, leaving us with nothing to complain about. Masoom Shankar’s role also evolves significantly as the film progresses, and she handles it commendably. The technical aspects of the movie also work well for the genre, especially when we delve into the backstories of the ghosts and their intentions.

Overall, aside from a few slow moments at the beginning, DD Returns promises an enjoyable ride for movie lovers seeking a clean and entertaining film for the weekend.

If you’re looking for a horror comedy that hits the right notes with clever humor and a thrilling storyline, DD Returns should definitely be on your watchlist! So grab your popcorn and enjoy this laughter-filled adventure. That’s all for today; I’ll see you at the movies!


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DD Returns-cinemabaaz.xyz

Country: india

Genre: ,

Director: S. Prem Anand

Writter: S. Prem Anand

Actors: Santhanam, Deepa Shankar, Motta Rajendran

Duration: 2h 4m