Rakshak- India’s Braves

The bravery of Lieutenant Triveni Singh, a young soldier who gave his own life to protect over 300 people who were caught in the cross firing at the Jammu railway station in a terrorist attack in 2004.



Rakshak- India’s Braves movie review (2023)

Rakshak India's Braves-cinemabaaz.xyz

Entitled ‘Tales from Jammu Station,’ the first installment of the film series delves into the harrowing incident of a terrorist assault at Jammu Tawi station, weaving a narrative that alternates between past and present. The movie ingeniously introduces the meticulous planning behind the attack while delving into the remarkable backstory of the valiant Lieutenant Triveni Singh, portrayed by Varun Mitra. Commencing in Punjab’s Pathankot, the film promptly showcases Lt. Triveni’s courage as he confronts a group of aggressors who collide with his car. However, the film refrains from escalating the confrontation into an overblown fight, staying grounded in realism.

The storyline effectively oscillates between the meticulous plotting of the terrorist operation and the portrayal of Lt. Triveni as both a soldier and a family man. This duality includes his impending engagement to Mala, played by Kanika Mann. Under the direction of Akshay Chaobey and a tightly-woven screenplay crafted by Animitra Chakravarti, the film masterfully sustains viewer engagement throughout its 75-minute runtime.

After adeptly laying the groundwork for the narrative, the movie intensifies as genuine action unfolds. Tension and intrigue rise as chase sequences and confrontations between soldiers and terrorists unfold. The filmmakers, particularly the writer-director duo, showcase their prowess during the sequence where the terrorists plant explosives at the station. The pivotal scene set at Jammu station, featuring a dramatic combat, is a testament to their cinematic skill. The adrenaline-pumping action coupled with Lt. Triveni’s unyielding bravery keeps the audience perched at the edge of their seats. The poignant climax, wherein the gallant soldier makes the ultimate sacrifice, evokes both heartache and inspiration.

The film also subtly highlights the toll that a career in the armed forces, including the police, exacts on personal lives and relationships. Nirmal Pandya’s evocative background score heightens the dramatic elements, complemented by the resonant songs “Vande Mataram” by Raaj Aashoo and Parth Zeth’s “Zamane Mein Hum.”

Varun Mitra impeccably embodies the fearless and dedicated persona of a military officer. His nuanced portrayal and adept execution of action sequences deserve special mention, particularly during the gripping hand-to-hand combat with the terrorists in the film’s climax. Murnal Kulkarni and Mohit Chauhan deliver commendable performances as his parents, while Kanika Mann makes her mark in her limited screen time. Umar Sharif, portraying the Fidayeen, veers slightly towards exaggeration but convincingly assumes the role of a dreaded terrorist.

Rakshak India's Braves-cinemabaaz.xyz

‘Rakshak’ concludes on a poignant note with brief interviews featuring Lieutenant Triveni Singh’s parents, Pushpalata Singh and Captain Janmej Singh. The film stands as a testament to their son’s dedication and courage, paying a fitting tribute to his memory. It encompasses gripping drama that sheds light on the sacrifices made by martyred soldiers to safeguard civilians. ‘Rakshak’ is an eloquent homage that evokes admiration and pride while tugging at the heartstrings.




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Rakshak India's Braves-cinemabaaz.xyz

Country: India

Genre: , ,

Director: Akshay Choubey

Writter: Bijesh Jayarajan, Aparna Nadig

Actors: Aayat, Jatin Ahuja, Ravi Aneja

Duration: 1h 15m