Beba: A Transformative Journey of Reclamation and EmpowermentBeba”: A Transformative Journey of Reclamation and Empowerment

A stunning self-portrait, tough, raw, stubborn, and powerful "Beba" stares down the curses of her ancestry, probing the psychic wounds she has inherited, while simultaneously embracing the vastness of her multitudes.



Beba movie review (2022)


Rebeca Huntt‘s documentary, “Beba,” is a powerful and long-awaited coming-of-age narrative that explores the journey of reclaiming a rich American bloodline. Through a masterful combination of personal perspective and creative storytelling, Huntt takes the audience on a whirlwind exploration of her own experiences.

With titles like “The Curse,” “Mind Control,” and “The Zombie Apocalypse,” the chronology of her perspective is skillfully highlighted, immersing viewers in an intense and magical narrative. The grainy film choice adds a touch of mysticism, amplifying the film’s overall impact.

Embracing Cultural Diversity

Huntt, an Afro-Latina with Dominican and Venezuelan ancestry, brings a culturally and ethnically diverse perspective to her story. This aspect makes her journey relatable to a global audience, resonating with individuals from various backgrounds.

By actualizing the lived experiences of her schizophrenic grandmother, her father’s escape from ethnic cleansing, and her neglected sister, Huntt allows their humanity to shine through without succumbing to pity.

Through her authentic portrayal of truth and creative freedom, she paves the way for future Black and Brown creators to fearlessly share their own stories.

Unearthing Ancestral Roots

Driven by the belief that her parents sacrificed immensely to provide for their children, Huntt takes on the responsibility of uncovering her past to shape her future more intentionally.

In “Beba,” she embarks on a journey to understand her heritage, intertwining the experiences of her family members with her own. This process not only confronts the painful aspects of her familial history but also challenges societal norms and expectations.

Huntt’s unwavering determination serves as an inspiration for viewers, highlighting the strength and resilience needed to break free from generational cycles.

Confronting Cultural Conversations

“Beba” showcases pivotal scenes where the audience is exposed to agonizing renditions of “Cocaine Blues” and encounters with white liberal actors. These moments shed light on the cyclical conversations that Black and Brown individuals often navigate in America.

While initially appearing to dedicate excessive time to these encounters, Huntt’s dismissal of their beliefs ultimately reinforces the importance of prioritizing one’s truth.

These instances contribute to the overall coming-of-age experience for Black and Brown individuals in America, emphasizing the need to navigate and challenge societal expectations.

The Triumph of Vulnerability

Throughout the documentary, Huntt’s vulnerability becomes a revelation for the audience. By courageously facing her pain head-on, she raises thought-provoking questions about the extent of control pain possesses.

Despite facing familial, social, and personal challenges, Huntt refuses to fold, showcasing a moving and heroic determination to push through adversity. As viewers, we witness the emergence of a newfound sense of empowerment, embracing the belief that Black women deserve ease and healing.

Huntt’s beautifully produced film serves as a catalyst for personal and collective growth, inspiring viewers to break generational cycles and embark on their own transformative journeys.


“Beba” is an extraordinary documentary that transcends traditional storytelling, serving as a portal to collective growth. Huntt’s directorial vision brings forth an outpouring of love and truth while exposing the illusions of meta-narratives.

By chronicling her personal exploration with a keen eye, Huntt not only reveals the depths of her own experiences but also documents a movement with profound implications.

Through her exceptional storytelling, “Beba” becomes a testament to the power of self-discovery, cultural reclamation, and the unwavering spirit needed to shape a brighter future.

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Country: USA


Director: Rebeca Huntt

Writter: Rebeca Huntt

Actors: Rebeca Huntt

Duration: 1h 19m