I Love You: A Nostalgic Thriller with Impressive Performances

Sathya is a highly successful corporate executive who look forward to a bright future with her fiance,Vishal.One night ,when she is about to board a fight to Delhi, Satya finds herself trapped within the office .What danger awaits her?



I Love You movie review (2023)

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Writer-director Nikhil Mahajan, known for his Marathi films, makes his Hindi film debut with “I Love You,” a 94-minute thriller that pays homage to 90s classics like ‘Darr’ and ‘Anjaam.

‘ While the film successfully captures the nostalgic aura of the era through popular songs like ‘Tu Mile Dil Khile’ and ‘Rooth Na Jana Tumse Kahoon Toh,’ it falls short of delivering a truly spine-chilling experience compared to its predecessors.

However, the film compensates with strong performances that leave a lasting impression.

A Swift Setup:

The narrative wastes no time in establishing its characters, primarily focusing on Satya (Rakul Preet Singh), an independent and resilient corporate woman who has recently been proposed to by her colleague and boyfriend, Vishal (Akshay Oberoi).

Planning to leave the city for their Diwali vacation, Satya finds herself unable to contact Vishal or her designated driver as the departure time approaches.

Trapped alone in the office building, panic sets in as she realizes she is locked inside with no one else around.

An Unexpected Turn:

Desperate for help, Satya reaches out to her close friend and colleague, Rishabh Oberoi (Pavail Gulati), known as RO, who works in the office’s technical department.

When RO arrives to assist her, their situation takes a dark twist as they stumble upon a dead body—and more follow as the night progresses.

Satya’s life is forever altered as she fights to survive this fateful night that holds the power to change everything.

Impressive Performances:

Pavail Gulati delivers a standout performance as RO, effectively portraying the character’s complex nature.

He keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, and his exceptional performance during the song ‘Jumma Chumma De De’ is a highlight.

Rakul Preet Singh leaves no stone unturned as she taps into her survival instincts, skillfully navigating moments of panic and doubt.

The remarkable performances by both Gulati and Singh captivate viewers throughout the film. Akshay Oberoi leaves a lasting impact despite his limited role.

I Love You-cinemabaaz.xyz

Predictable Yet Engaging:

Overall, ‘I Love You’ offers a story that is predictable from the outset. However, its fast-paced screenplay and impactful performances make it a worthwhile watch.

While the film may not match the spine-chilling experiences of its genre predecessors, it successfully captures the nostalgic essence of 90s thrillers.

The inclusion of popular songs further enhances the film’s nostalgic charm.


“I Love You” marks Nikhil Mahajan’s entry into Hindi cinema with a thrilling tale that pays homage to 90s thrillers. The film benefits from strong performances by Pavail Gulati and Rakul Preet Singh, who keep viewers engrossed throughout.

Although predictable, the film’s fast-paced screenplay and nostalgic elements make it an engaging watch.

“I Love You” serves as a promising debut for Nikhil Mahajan in the Hindi film industry.

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I Love You-cinemabaaz.xyz

Country: india

Director: Nikhil Mahajan

Writter: Nikhil Mahajan

Actors: Pavail Gulati, Akshay Oberoi, Rakul Preet Singh

Duration: 1h 33m