Non Stop Dhamaal

Satinder (Annu Kapoor), a film director with big dreams of working with famous stars, teams up with his friend Amar (Manoj Joshi), a struggling film writer, to find someone who can invest in their new film project. As the story unfolds, it takes us through a whirlwind of confusion, emotional moments, and loads of comedy.


Non Stop Dhamaal movie review (2023)

Non Stop

The movie initially sets the stage for what appears to be an offbeat adventure centered around the aspirations of two aging friends, Satinder (played by Annu Kapoor), a film director who aspires to collaborate only with A-list actors, and Amar (portrayed by Manoj Joshi), a writer. The duo embarks on a quest to achieve recognition in the competitive world of Bollywood, despite facing numerous obstacles. However, the film takes a surreal turn as a wealthy business magnate named Khatri (essayed by Priyanshu Chatterjee) agrees to fund their film under the condition that they pledge to donate all their vital organs, including their hearts, to save his ailing mother. This outlandish premise sets the tone for a series of implausible events.

Satinder and Amar manage to deceive Raju Khan (played by Rajpal Yadav), an eager junk dealer, into signing the eccentric contract. This agreement, which he cannot fulfill, puts the friends in a dire situation, demanding them to raise a staggering sum of Rs 20 crores to settle the matter with Khatri, who insists on enforcing the clause.

The storyline takes a hit due to its flawed foundational premise — as it’s medically implausible for a living individual to donate a healthy heart. Despite this, the film continues to introduce a string of equally ludicrous twists, maintaining a fast-paced tempo across its 100-minute runtime. The protagonists find themselves continually entangled in a cycle of predicaments, including disposing of a deceased body and navigating blackmail scenarios. These predicaments are promptly resolved, often overshadowing the film’s original theme of three unconventional film enthusiasts striving to create a successful movie.

Director Irshad Khan and cinematographer Akash Aditya Tiwari manage to maintain a decent direction and visual presentation, respectively. The screenplay, crafted by Irshad Khan and Vikash Kumar Vishwakarma, sustains a rapid narrative flow, preventing the story from dragging. However, a stronger focus on the core premise of the trio’s journey to create a hit film would have undoubtedly enhanced the viewing experience. The film’s initial concept of the importance of a superstar within a talented film team remains underdeveloped.

Non Stop

Annu Kapoor delivers a convincing performance as the optimistic and enthusiastic director, while Manoj Singh effectively portrays the more pragmatic writer. Rajpal Yadav’s comedic strengths shine as he engages in slapstick and physical humor. The chemistry among the trio is evident on screen, contributing to their camaraderie. Asrani’s portrayal of a middleman adept at providing solutions adds an additional layer of humor. The movie manages to elicit occasional chuckles, including a dance number featuring Giorgia Andrini. Regrettably, the film’s narrative coherence deteriorates significantly in the second half.
Ultimately, the movie becomes a medley of convoluted storylines, leaving audiences perplexed about its true focus — whether it’s about crafting a successful film, resolving the financial entanglements with the benefactor, or navigating the myriad problems that the protagonists find themselves in.

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Non Stop


Director: Irshad Khan

Writter: Irshad Khan

Actors: Annu Kapoor, Manoj Joshi, Rajpal Naurang Yadav

Duration: 1h 40m