Madho and his father are pig farmers, of a low caste are not respected by the other villagers. One day he sees a foreigner being respected and because of his expensive coat. Determined Madho tries to acquire a coat that he cannot afford.



Coat movie review (2023)

‘Coat’ presents a touching and pertinent narrative that delves into the challenges faced by marginalized communities in rural Bihar. The film effectively underscores the importance of education, self-confidence, and defying societal norms. The journey of the central character, Madho (Vivaan Shah), serves as a poignant reminder that genuine respect and admiration stem from personal integrity, achievements, and the ability to conquer adversity, rather than material wealth.

However, as the story unfolds, the rushed second half becomes evident in its execution. Certain plot developments, such as Madho teaming up with locals and establishing his own business, feel overly convenient, diminishing the impact of his struggles and accomplishments. This leaves the narrative with untapped potential to thoroughly explore his transformative journey.

In his directorial debut, Akshay Ditti, along with co-writer and producer Kumar Abhishek, adeptly captures Madho’s unwavering determination to attain a coat, which becomes the driving force behind his arduous expedition. The story effectively portrays his challenges, self-discovery, and moments of happiness as he fulfills his family’s basic necessities. Madho’s affection for Sakshi (Pooja Pandey), a girl from a higher caste, adds layers to his character and showcases the societal barriers he confronts. Nevertheless, the film remains committed to its straightforward and unpretentious nature.

Despite minor distractions, like Madho’s inconsistent skin tone throughout the movie, Vivaan Shah’s gradually engaging performance manages to win over the audience. Sanjay Mishra and Sonal Jha deliver authentic portrayals as Madho’s parents. Their on-screen rapport with Shah brings authenticity and emotional depth to the narrative. Despite limited screen time, Pooja Pandey’s depiction of Madho’s love interest leaves a lasting impression.

On the flip side, Ditti’s dialogues remain somewhat simplistic, lacking the depth required to fully explore the underlying social issues. Additionally, while the song ‘Sach Karle Sapna’ contributes to the film’s depth, others add unnecessary length without substantial impact. Nonetheless, the film’s unadorned visual style perfectly aligns with its rustic tone, enhancing the authenticity of the rural Bihar backdrop.

Despite its somewhat convenient second half and faltering execution, ‘Coat’ warrants viewing for its sincere effort in shedding light on societal challenges and the unwavering spirit of its protagonist, Madho. This 123-minute feature effectively captures the essence of hope, resilience, and self-discovery. It vividly portrays the aspirations and struggles of a young boy determined to surmount societal constraints and earn the respect he rightfully deserves.

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Country: India

Genre: ,

Director: Akshay Ditti, Kumar Abhishek

Writter: Akshay Ditti, Kumar Abhishek

Actors: Sanjay Mishra, Vivaan Shah, Amir Ali Shaik

Duration: 2h 2m