Adipurush: A Marvel-Inspired Epic Battle Falters to Find its Narrative Balance

Adaptation of Indian mythology that depicts the triumph of good over evil.


Adipurush movie review (2023)


Challenges of presenting a revered tale to a contemporary audience. Om Raut‘s approach of drawing in the younger crowd through action-adventure over ethos.

Swiftly Plunging into Action

Minimal Character Development: A Focus on Immediate Conflict. Ram’s Exile and Sita’s Treacherous Abduction by Ravan.

A Clash of Titans

Ram’s Fearless Army vs. Ravan’s Immortality. Recreating Iconic Battle Scenes à la Marvel’s Avenger.

Engaging War, Lackluster Buildup

The Battle Redeems the Stagnant First Half. Absence of Thrill and Urgency in Initial Narrative

Struggling with the Balance

Inconsistency between Epic Story and Superhero Execution. Dialogue’s Impact and Convincing Characterization Fall Short.

 Saif Ali Khan’s Invincible Ravan

Khan’s Wicked Mannerisms and Towering Presence Steal the Show. Mastery at Portraying Dark and Delirious Characters.

Music’s Terrific Boost to Ravan’s Portrayal

Sanchit and Ankit Balhara’s Background Score and Ajay-Atul’s Songs. Enhancing Saif Ali Khan‘s Monstrous Performance

Passable VFX and Visuals

3D Effects as Unnecessary Accessories. Overreliance on Special Effects, Neglecting Revered Characters.

A Climax That Falls Short

Dramatic Buildup Fails to Deliver Joy, Reward, or Victory. A Sincere Attempt Hindered by the Ambition of the Story.

The Generational Awareness Factor

Adipurush’s Appeal to Younger Audiences. Utilizing Novel Storytelling Techniques to Engage Contemporary Viewers.

The Impact of Character Investment

Lack of Emotional Gravity in the First Half. Failing to Fully Engage the Audience with the Characters.

Massive Scale, Mixed Results

Successfully Mounting Ravan’s Character on a Grand Scale. VFX and Visuals: Passable but Not Impressive.

 The Lengthy Runtime Dilemma

The Story’s Dependency on Special Effects over Character Depth. Balancing Spectacle and Substance in a Three-Hour Film.

Lessons from Ambition

Adipurush’s Sincere Attempt at Handling a Monumental Tale. Acknowledging the Challenges of Tackling a Story of this Magnitude.

Marvel Inspiration and Ethos

Exploring the Influence of Marvel’s Action-Adventure Approach. Evaluating the Impact on the Ethos of the Traditional Tale.

Dialogue Disparity and Character Authenticity

Oscillation between Epic Heroism and Modern Vernacular. Assessing the Impact on Character Believability and Authenticity.

 A Visual Feast with Room for Improvement

Evaluating the Passable VFX and Visual Appeal. Identifying Areas for Enhancement in Visual Execution and 3D Integration.


Adipurush: A Marvel-Inspired Epic Battle That Struggles to Balance Tradition and Contemporary Storytelling.

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Country: india

Director: Om Raut

Writter: Om Raut, Manoj Muntashir

Actors: Kriti Sanon, Prabhas, Devdutta Nage

Duration: 2h 59m