Prohelika: A Captivating Bangladeshi Film that Leaves You Spellbound

Renowned illusionist Maya searches for her missing sister, uncovering a hidden world of deception and secrets. As illusions blur reality, Maya races against time, facing her own demons to unravel the truth. A mind-bending thriller that challenges perception and reveals shocking revelations.


Prohelika movie review (2023)


Prohelika, a remarkable discovery in the Bangladeshi film industry, lives up to its name, offering a mysterious tale that keeps you enthralled. With each scene, new questions arise, creating an air of anticipation as you eagerly await the answers. This gripping story immerses you in an atmosphere of unease and suffocating tension, leaving you speechless by its conclusion.

The Director’s Skillful Work

Manager Chayanika Chowdhury deserves praise for her directorial prowess in Prohelika. In a film industry where female directors are scarce, Chayanika Chowdhury stands out by showcasing her remarkable talent.

An Unconventional Story

Prohelika sets itself apart with its unique and compelling storyline, a rarity in Bengali cinema. The credit for this goes to Pantha Shahriar, the brilliant mind behind the script. The screenplay, penned by Shahriar himself, is equally impressive. Through clever use of flashbacks and slow-motion sequences, the narrative weaves a captivating tale while providing answers to your burning questions. Notably, the progressive style of the screenplay is particularly impressive, with the first and second halves showcasing distinct tones, thanks to the masterful pacing executed by Omni.

Superb Acting Performances

The actors’ performances play a pivotal role in the film’s success. Shabnom Bubly’s acting skills are truly impressive, captivating audiences from start to finish. Her portrayal of Orpa, a beautifully complex character, is brought to life on the screen with great finesse. The makeup artist also deserves recognition for their contribution to Bubly’s character’s authenticity.

The film marks Mahfuz Ahmed’s comeback after an extended hiatus, making it a compelling reason to watch. Having won hearts with his performances in classics such as “Srabon Megher Din” and “Dui Duari,” it is a joy to see him back on the big screen. Ahmed’s acting skills remain as sharp as ever.

Nasir Uddin Khan, a prominent figure in the industry, delivers a noteworthy performance. However, it seems that his sophisticated and refined demeanor doesn’t entirely suit his character. Rashed Mamun Apu, portraying the DB cop, brings a delightful touch of humor and levity to the film. His well-timed appearances manage to lighten the atmosphere and generate laughter among the audience, reminiscent of Shahiduzzaman Selim’s police character in “Surongo.”

Technical Brilliance

Prohelika shines in its technical aspects, with impressive cinematography and captivating color grading that catch the eye. The music is another highlight, its beauty seemingly impossible to resist. To truly appreciate these technical marvels, I highly recommend watching Prohelika in theaters.


Prohelika is a resounding success, a testament to the remarkable achievements that can be attained by showcasing diversity and excelling in every aspect of filmmaking. Congratulations and heartfelt gratitude go to the entire production team for their remarkable work. If you’re seeking something out of the ordinary, Prohelika is a must-watch film that will leave you captivated from beginning to end.

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Country: Bangladesh

Director: Chayanika Chowdhury

Writter: pantho shahria

Actors: mahfuz ahmed, sobnam bubly, nasir uddin khan,