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A man's life becomes increasingly complicated after his neighbor is injured in a dispute over a fence.



Voice of Sathyanathan movie review (2023)

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“Raffi’s Voice of Sathyanathan” is a movie that falls short of its potential despite some good moments. The story revolves around an ordinary man named Sathyanathan, played by Dileep, who saves the life of a convict played by Joju George. While the acting performances are decent, the movie suffers due to weak writing and a lack of a strong storyline.

The character of Sathyanathan had the potential to be nuanced and un-heroic, but the film doesn’t fully explore this aspect. The supporting characters, such as Siddique’s role as a comedic neighbor and Veena Nandhakumar’s portrayal of the wife, are clichéd and predictable.

Anupam Kher’s cameo doesn’t add much value to the movie, and the theme of the story remains ambiguous throughout. The portrayal of traditional gender norms, such as the scene with the pink doll, may not sit well with modern audiences.

Jagapathy Babu, known for his acting prowess, is reduced to a stock character with a poorly executed English dialogue. The dialogues in general feel jarring and fail to capture the audience’s attention.

To make the movie better, the filmmakers should have explored Sathyanathan’s character more deeply and avoided relying on old storytelling techniques. Malayalam cinema has evolved, and audiences now expect more nuanced and engaging narratives. It’s essential for filmmakers to respect the intelligence of the viewers and deliver fresh and thought-provoking content.

Voice of Sathyanathan-cinemabaaz.xyz

Overall, “Raffi’s Voice of Sathyanathan” had potential but fell flat due to its shortcomings in writing, character development, and reliance on outdated storytelling. To make it more appealing, the movie needs a significant rewrite that elevates the character dynamics and the plot to a more engaging and relatable level.







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Voice of Sathyanathan-cinemabaaz.xyz

Country: india

Genre: ,

Director: Raffi

Writter: Raffi

Actors: Thennal Abhilash, Johny Antony, Anusree

Duration: 2h 15m