Zara Hatke Zara Bachke: A Romantic Comedy of Errors in a Quirky Small Town

Kapil and Somya are a happily married couple from Indore who live in a joint family and decide to get a divorce one fine day. Things don't go as planned as their family gets to know of it, and thus begins a comedy of errors.



Zara Hatke Zara Bachke movie review (2023)

Zara Hatke Zara Bachke


Director Laxman Utekar‘s latest venture delivers on the promise of a hilarious romantic comedy set in a small town.

The film introduces us to Kapil Dubey (Vicky Kaushal), his wife Saumya Chawla Dubey (Sara Ali Khan), and their eccentric joint family.

Cake Mishap

Chaos ensues when the pandit’s family accidentally consumes a cake containing eggs.

Kapil’s mami (Kanupriya Pandit) takes a dig at Saumya, leading to her decision to move out and escape the constant taunts.

House Hunting

Kapil and Saumya embark on a quest to buy a house but realize they can’t afford one.

A bizarre twist occurs when Saumya discovers a government scheme to acquire a flat, but there’s a catch.

Divorce Dilemma

An unscrupulous agent, Bhagwan Das (Inaamulhaq), suggests that Saumya can qualify for the women’s quota if she divorces Kapil temporarily.

They decide to pretend to fight and get divorced, aiming to remarry once the home is allotted.

Comedy of Errors

The couple’s pretense leads to a series of hilarious mishaps, including a love triangle and the interference of a nosy security guard, Daroga (Sharib Hashmi).

Over-the-Top Tracks

The film’s first half is rib-tickling, but the entertainment level dips in the second half due to unconvincing and exaggerated sequences.

Tracks like pretending to be siblings and a government official’s sudden visit to Saumya’s rented apartment feel forced.

Medical Emergency Drama

A medical emergency track adds to the drama but fails to contribute significantly to the story’s progression.

The climax feels rushed and could have been better developed.

Zara Hatke Zara Bachke

Vicky Kaushal’s Performance

Vicky Kaushal impresses with his portrayal of a penny-pinching small-town guy.

He delivers an emotive performance in a heart-to-heart scene at the hospital, where Kapil and Saumya resolve their differences.

Sara Ali Khan’s Role

Sara Ali Khan falls short in portraying a convincing middle-class bahu or a spirited Punjabi girl.

Despite this, the supporting cast, including Neeraj Sood, Kanupriya Pandit, Inaamulhaq, Rakesh Bedi, Harcharan Chawla, and Akash Khurana, delivers commendable performances.

Catchy Music

Sachin-Jigar’s songs add to the film’s charm, with their catchy tunes staying with the audience.

Raghav Ramadoss’s cinematography effectively captures the small-town vibe and idiosyncrasies of Indore.

Overall Verdict

“Zara Hatke Zara Bachke” is an enjoyable one-time-watch for its funny punchlines, eccentric characters, and solid performances.

However, the unconvincing story and inconsistent screenplay prevent it from realizing its full potential.


Director Laxman Utekar’s romantic comedy offers laughter and entertainment with its small-town charm.While it falls short in certain aspects, the film remains a lighthearted and amusing cinematic experience.

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Zara Hatke Zara

Country: india

Genre: , ,

Director: Laxman Utekar

Writter: Maitrey Bajpai, Ramiz Ilham Khan, Laxman Utekar

Actors: Vicky Kaushal, Sara Ali Khan, Inaamulhaq

Duration: 2h 12m